Page of the Day: Tomorrow is a New Day

Page of the Day: Tomorrow is a New Day

Whenever I’ve done live events, this is one of the pages that people tend to select. Maybe it’s the intricacies of the design. Maybe it’s the message – Tomorrow is a new day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go next with my books and with my publishing in general. I love creating coloring books and of course using them as well! But as you may have seen, if you’ve been in touch with me before, there’s been a bit of a hiatus. Most of my time is split between my son and my teaching and curriculum jobs at special education schools and at the Museum of Natural History. I’ve been creating designs – just recently my youngest class and I studied symmetry with mirrors, and we examined some of my coloring pages for inspiration as the kids created their own designs – but a lot of what I have been creating falls under a different category.

There are some book ideas in the works – though they may not all be coloring books.

And that’s OK – Turtle Moon Publishing was always meant to grow and expand into different areas. I may come out with a separate imprint for the non-coloring books, just to keep it clear. For now, I’ll just be updating this page a bit more often with what I’m up to, and I hope you’ll find here what is of interest to you!

Tomorrow is a new day!

Page of the Day: I believe in myself

Mandala Joy 2 I believe in myselfHere’s one of my favorite designs, from Mandala Joy Vol. 2 (available as a digital download in our shop or on Amazon if you prefer a physical copy).

I love geometric designs when I color! First of all, any combination of colors looks amazing. Even if you do the entire page in one color, it looks amazing! Secondly, I get lulled into a calm state as I focus on the repetitive patterns and the way that the design takes form as I color.

Lately I’ve been into bright colors and rainbow patterns. Maybe it’s my 80’s childhood coming out?

Finally, the message: I believe in myself. Sometimes it’s harder than it sounds. For example, I recently started the school year as a science teacher. I’m teaching content I love in a brand new lab, and the kids are great. But I’ve never taught 6th and 7th grade together before, and there’s nothing like middle school angst – truly one of the great natural forces on Earth. Remembering that I really do believe in myself makes it possible to, in turn, inspire the students to believe in themselves as well.

For a limited time – Sept 30th to Oct 7, 2016 – you can get the entire book Mandala Joy Vol. 2 for $3 off! You can print out this page, as well as all the others, an unlimited number of times, which means you can try out every color combination and technique you know! It’s a great deal, so make sure you check it out!

Mandala Joy Vol. 2 – Full Book Digital Download – on SALE now!


Today’s Affirmation: I Feel Hopeful For What’s Next

Today’s Affirmation: I Feel Hopeful For What’s Next

Today isn’t the first day of school, but I’m back at work setting up my science lab, so it’s feeling like summer’s over. The students start tomorrow, and I’m sure they’re feeling the same way I am. We all are. Things are changing. Summer is winding down, school year’s starting up, the weather is slowly shifting into breezier and cooler territory, and it’s all too soon.

So, my page of the day is an affirmation for days like these: I feel hopeful for what’s next.

I feel hopeful for what's next single page download color

I’ve colored this page a few times, both digitally and with colored pencils, and I love it. It’s as easy or as challenging as the colorist wants it to be. You can color every single open space the same shade and it’ll look awesome, or you can make every space a different color and again – awesome. Here I’ve done a bit of both. Photoshop and I had a minor falling out when I was doing this one, so I decided to leave the background and the outer rim the same, and I love it. The black provides a nice contrast to the light green. Really, you can do a lot with a page like this.

And I do feel hopeful for what’s next. I’m working three days a week this year, I’m consulting, I’ve got several new coloring projects in the works including one that I don’t have a printer for yet (more on that soon), and my little guy is starting preschool. Preschool!

What are you hopeful for that’s coming up next?

Want to color this yourself? Go here for your own copy. Use the code grandopening to get it for free!

This page is featured in The Getting Better Book, which you can find at Amazon. Or, check out a downloadable digital copy that you can print yourself, right here on this site.

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New coloring pages in the Turtle Moon Press store!

I’m so excited to announce that my website, Turtle Moon Press, is now offering individual pages to purchase as digital downloads! Super easy to just print at home & color in any which way, and then print it again if you so desire! The downloads are unlimited, so you can try endless color variations. Having a coloring party? Just print off some copies and you’re good to go!

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Here is a small selection of the files now available on our site!


How I Design Mandalas

How I Design Mandalas

Designing the actual mandalas that go into books and products is the most fun and creative part of the whole publishing experience. How do I design the images that go into a book? It’s a multi-step process.

Here’s a base image that I downloaded from Pixabay – a free service that provides open source images. All of the images on Pixabay can be used for any project, whether personal or commercial. I selected this butterfly because a) butterflies are cool, and b) I liked the different line thicknesses and swirls in the design.

Next, I opened the butterfly in Scopeworks. This is a software program for Mac computers that turns images into kaleidoscopes.

Butterfly base image

Here’s a mandala that I created from the original butterfly image, using Scopeworks. Do you see the butterfly’s features in it?

Scopeworks is a beautiful kaleidoscope-making program that produces many different variations and versions of any one source image. What I like to do is play around with the different features (number of repetitions, angle, how much of the original image is sampled for the kaleidoscope) and then save as many possible mandalas as I can. After that, the very best mandalas can be edited in Photoshop for final selection in a coloring book.

Here are some other mandalas that I created out of the butterfly source image. It’s one of my favorites! As you can see, they look like members of a family. For that reason, I try to include only a few designs from each source image in any one book collection.

Anyone can go online and find images on Pixabay, and download Scopeworks, to start creating their own mandalas. I’ve taught my 6th grade students to do it and demonstrated the method to a live crowd at the local library’s coloring event. If you want to give it a shot, let me know! I’m working on a video to show how I work in more detail.

The great thing is, even if you and I start off with the same image, the odds are excellent that we’ll create very different works of art!

Do you like these mandalas? Why not download some for your own coloring pleasure? Shop our store to get started!

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