Whenever I’ve done live events, this is one of the pages that people tend to select. Maybe it’s the intricacies of the design. Maybe it’s the message – Tomorrow is a new day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go next with my books and with my publishing in general. I love creating coloring books and of course using them as well! But as you may have seen, if you’ve been in touch with me before, there’s been a bit of a hiatus.┬áMost of my time is split between my son and my teaching and curriculum jobs at special education schools and at the Museum of Natural History. I’ve been creating designs – just recently my youngest class and I studied symmetry with mirrors, and we examined some of my coloring pages for inspiration as the kids created their own designs – but a lot of what I have been creating falls under a different category.

There are some book ideas in the works – though they may not all be coloring books.

And that’s OK – Turtle Moon Publishing was always meant to grow and expand into different areas. I may come out with a separate imprint for the non-coloring books, just to keep it clear. For now, I’ll just be updating this page a bit more often with what I’m up to, and I hope you’ll find here what is of interest to you!

Tomorrow is a new day!