Mandala Joy 2 I believe in myselfHere’s one of my favorite designs, from Mandala Joy Vol. 2 (available as a digital download in our shop or on Amazon if you prefer a physical copy).

I love geometric designs when I color! First of all, any combination of colors looks amazing. Even if you do the entire page in one color, it looks amazing! Secondly, I get lulled into a calm state as I focus on the repetitive patterns and the way that the design takes form as I color.

Lately I’ve been into bright colors and rainbow patterns. Maybe it’s my 80’s childhood coming out?

Finally, the message: I believe in myself. Sometimes it’s harder than it sounds. For example, I recently started the school year as a science teacher. I’m teaching content I love in a brand new lab, and the kids are great. But I’ve never taught 6th and 7th grade together before, and there’s nothing like middle school angst – truly one of the great natural forces on Earth. Remembering that I really do believe in myself makes it possible to, in turn, inspire the students to believe in themselves as well.

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