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Mandala Joy

A collection of 25 intricate mandalas & inspirational sayings – Portable yet big enough to accommodate hours of coloring fun. One of our most popular products!

Getting Better Book

The Getting Better Book

The Getting Better Book is designed as a journal and coloring book for kids & adults recovering from illness. Featuring journal pages with open ended prompts and coloring designs and mandalas of different sizes, it has something for everyone. Whether you’ve experienced trauma or have been hospitalized for a surgery or illness, The Getting Better Book can help you relax, get out your feelings about your experiences, and open to the future. Many copies of this book have been bought or donated as gifts to children’s hospitals.

Pregnancy Journal and Coloring Book

The Pregnancy Journal and Coloring Book is designed to make your pregnancy as enjoyable and stress-free as can be! Whether you need a shopping list, an appointment tracker, space to write letters to your baby, or just some fun mandalas and patterns to color, the Pregnancy Journal and Coloring Book has it all!

Mandala Joy Vol. 2 - Affirmations

Mandala Joy Vol. 2 is packed with 25 fun, enjoyable mandalas to color. As you express your creativity and artistry with each one, soak in the positive messages (affirmations) and come away with a new outlook on life. This is a sequel to the popular Mandala Joy Vol. 1.

Downloadable Coloring Pages

Check out our shop for downloadable coloring pages that you can start on instantly! Pick your favorite, or select a few to make a mini-book that’s customized perfectly for you. Want to throw a coloring party? Simply print out the images at home, as many as you’d like, and you’re good to go!

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Do you love to color? Looking for a fun, creative way to relax and unwind? Check out our selection of downloadable books and single coloring pages. Print them out as many times as you’d like and color away, for one low price! For physical copies, check out our Amazon Store.

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I am grateful for what I have

The Turtle Moon Story

Turtle Moon Press is an independent publishing company whose mission is to bring beautiful books into the world that encourage creativity.

Why Coloring Books?

Coloring books for adults? Of course! Why should children have all the fun? Coloring is a great way to relax, unwind, enjoy yourself in solitude or with friends, experiment with art materials, and express yourself creatively. The coloring book industry has exploded in the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down – it is fulfilling a need for a slower, more REAL and physical experience.

Why "Turtle Moon"?

Turtles are long lived – the oldest can be upwards of 200 years old – and date back to the time of the dinosaurs. Sea turtles in particular can navigate thousands of miles and return to the beaches where they were born, demonstrating an ability to be in tune with the Earth and find their way through turbulent seas.

The Moon is Earth’s constant companion, the creator of its tides, and the illumination on a dark night. Sea turtle hatchlings find their way to their ocean home by following the moonlight.

Page of the Day: Tomorrow is a New Day

Whenever I've done live events, this is one of the pages that people tend to select. Maybe it's the intricacies of the design. Maybe it's the message - Tomorrow is a new day. I've been thinking a lot about where to go next with my books and with my publishing in...

Page of the Day: I believe in myself

Here's one of my favorite designs, from Mandala Joy Vol. 2 (available as a digital download in our shop or on Amazon if you prefer a physical copy). I love geometric designs when I color! First of all, any combination of colors looks amazing. Even if you do the entire...

How I Design Mandalas

Designing the actual mandalas that go into books and products is the most fun and creative part of the whole publishing experience. How do I design the images that go into a book? It's a multi-step process. Here's a base image that I downloaded from Pixabay - a free...

Pregnancy Journal & Coloring Book

Enjoy this video preview of our very first book, The Pregnancy Journal and Coloring Book! Preview the Pregnancy Journal & Coloring Book, and all our other products, in our shop. You can download individual pages or the full book for one low price, then print on...

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